SGM-STIM-2 stimulator is designed to be used for direct electrical stimulation of cerebral cortex focal regions for motor, sensory and language functions. Constant current types of stimulus are used to deliver controllable amount of electrical charge, regardless of the impedance of tissue between electrodes.

The stimulator can be used in classic Penfield mode, or it can use the novel Multipulse method for intraoperative brain stimulation. Operation mode has to be elected before definition of stimulation parameters. For each method, parameters are defined independently, preserved during a session and can be changed during the stimulation process. Dual functionality enables comparison of stimulation efficiency for these two methods of stimulation and use of a more appropriate method for specific intraoperative application (e.g. motor area, speech area, cognitive functions). Different trigger modes of operation can be used: auto triggered, local manual trigger or external trigger.

According to the Medical Device Directive MDD93/42/EEC, the device is classified as CLASS IIa equipment.Classification according to the degree of protection against electric shock is TYPE BF equipment.
CE Mark Certificate No. MDD-098, SIQ Ljubljana, Slovenia




• High intensity constant current multipulse stimulator.
• Current range: 0 to 40 mA.
• Selectable stimulating train rates 0,1 to 8,0 Hz in steps of 0,1 Hz (externally and internally
controlled, “trigger in” and trigger out”).
• Number of pulses in the train: 1 to 9.
• Interstimulus time: 1-10 min 0,1 ms steps.
• Power supply voltage 110/220 V automatically detected.
• Set of necessary accessories including Output Extender SGM S2-840.
• Stimulation probes used: eightpole strip electrodes or handheld probe connection interface.