Founded in 1993, SGM has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of medical equipment, specializing in the development and sales of intraoperative neuromonitoring and neurostimulation equipment and a wide range of consumables.

From the start, SGM has been oriented towards the export of medical equipment, which is why over 99% of our annual income is generated on the US and EU markets. Orientation towards the international market requires high management and business operating criteria, as well as a careful selection of reliable partners, associates and subcontractors, and the need to establish long-term relationships with a respectable network of distributors.


Developing right solutions which help provide the best in patient care.


Providing our customers with innovative and reliable intraoperative neuromonitoring devices and consumables, while staying committed to our fair pricing policy.


Our range of products includes stimulators (for IONM and stimulation of cerebral cortex) and IOM electrodes deigned for an easy and reliable recording of electrophysiological signals. Electrodes can also be used for the electrical stimulation of nerve and muscle tissue. Subdermal needle electrodes are available in the form of single and twisted paired needle electrodes, corkscrew electrodes, hook-wire electrodes and short needle electrodes for pediatric applications.

We provide custom production and packaging, private labeling and contract manufacturing.

If you have a special requirement which is not in our catalog, please contact us for assistance.

Quality and Security

Our Company Quality System complies with the European ISO 13485 Standard which provides guidelines for implementation of research and development, design, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of medical devices.

All our products are CE certified according to the MDD 93/42/ECC and its revised version.


Individuals of different cultures, perspectives and experiences are at the heart of how SGM d.o.o. functions. We strive to develop a work environment where we treat all employees as to individuals, fair and consistent.

We work to promote a culture of respect and dignity and active denial of any form of discrimination. We remove unnecessary ones barriers for our employees seeking opportunities through training and development, promotion and planning career.