Paired Hookwire
Disposable paired hookwire electrode is well situated for collecting deep muscle EMG readings and movement studies. After the electrode wire is inserted into desired depth the hypodermic needle is withdrawn, leaving the flexible electrode’s wire securely fixed in the muscle.
Different length of insertion needles (30mm, 50mm or 80mm) to meet the requirements of diverse medical procedures, can be custom made upon request, either in single or paired version.

Major Features

  • The length of the wire and needle can be customized to specific preferences

  • Available in packages of 6

  • Sterilization ETO, single use, shelf life 36 months

  • Lead-free, Latex-free, BPA-free lead wire, DEHP-free lead wire

  • RoHS compliant

  • Lead wire core -2x PTFE insulated stainless steel wire AISI 302

  • Connector 2x DIN 42802 (to avoid extension cables) or stripped wire endings